Clover Volume 4 [DRAFT 2]

pg. 1


So take me away
To someplace other than this one.

I want to be happy.

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Two-page color image: Ran, grown up. {To die for.}

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List of chapter titles with English translations given.

pg. 5


If you find a four-leaf clover,
you'll find happiness.

But surely
it can't be found.

Because happiness is locked away

in the secret birdcage.
The four-leaf clover
belongs to no one.

If that's so,
then what of the three-leaf clover?

pg. 6

"Four-Leaf Clover"

Suu awakens as mechanical birds flutter past her.

pg. 7

Suu: ...The Three-Leaf Clover is leaving the cage.

pg. 8

"Three-Leaf Clover"

Two boys sit back to back in a dark room. They appear to be identical twins, each with longish
dark hair held in a ponytail. The room is vast, with a high, arching ceiling, windows or light
somewhere above, and many crossbars.

Boy [A]: Why?

Boy [C]: Why do you think?

A: What will you do?

C: What do you think?

A: No matter what?

C: No matter what.

pg. 9

A: Even if I said "Don't go"?

The other boy closes his eyes.

C: Goodbye.

He rises, turning to leave.

pg. 10

The other boy catches his hand and draws it to his mouth. He bites one finger. Blood spatters
on the cold floor.

pg. 11

A: That's "See you later."

He smiles. The other boy does not.

pg. 12

"Singing Voice"

In a nightclub. Oruha is singing.

Song: To be born again for your sake
Blowing away the past up until now
On fluttering clouds
Letting the future ride
On flowing winds

At a table in the audience, Kazuhiko and Gingetsu are watching her. Smoke wafts from Kazuhiko's
cigarette; he is smiling.

pg. 13

Kazuhiko: She's great, isn't she?

Gingetsu lifts his drink.

Gingetsu: So she's a singer.

Song: Fearlessly, unceasingly, patiently

pg. 14

Kazuhiko: After three months of trying, I finally caught her.

He smiles with smug contentment. Oruha spots him in the audience. She smiles and waves; he waves
back. Gingetsu watches, his expression hidden behind ever-present sunglasses.

pg. 15

Song: To be born again in your arms

pg. 16

"Heard Voice"

Suu sits alone in her cage, listening.

Song: To be born again for my sake
Once again to wait to be born in a golden egg
Once again to be able to fly with silver wings
Unhurriedly, tenaciously, intimately
To be born again in your arms

pg. 17

Suu: Of the three Three-Leafs, one is dead. One remains in the cage.

Song: To be born again for my sake

Suu: One... has left.

Song: To be born again in your arms

She begins to sing along.

pg. 18

"Calling Sound"

In the nightclub. Oruha has come to stand in front of the table where the two men sit.
Kazuhiko lifts a hand toward Gingetsu.

Kazuhiko: My commanding officer.

Oruha: I'm Oruha. Pleased to meet you.

She leans forward, teasingly.

Oruha: Shall I give you a kiss?

She does so, on Gingetsu's forehead, as Gingetsu does his best to ignore it. Kazuhiko's brows crease.
She smiles at him.

Oruha: Yours goes here.

She kisses him on the lips, and his face softens.

A beeping sound can be heard from Gingetsu's headset.

Kazuhiko: You've been called?

Gingetsu: Yes.

Kazuhiko frowns.

Kazuhiko: And when we finally had some time off.

pg. 19

Oruha: It's not much fun for you officers to be so busy.

Kazuhiko runs his fingers through her dark curls.

Kazuhiko: Yeah, especially not for me.

He snuffs his cigarette in the ashtray and rises.

Kazuhiko: I'll have less time to spend with you.

Gingetsu stands abruptly. Oruha and Kazuhiko turn to him.

Gingetsu: I'm the only one who's been called.

pg. 20


Gingetsu listens to his earphones.

Wizard [Shuu]: A Three-Leaf Clover has fled. It looks as though he's escaped from the lab
by himself. Because the two of them aren't together, the situation is still salvageable.
Azurite doesn't know yet. The problem is the people in parliament.

pg. 21

Shuu: Lieutenant Colonel Gingetsu. Find the Three-Leaf clover.

Slowly, Gingetsu raises his hand. He gazes at it, wrist-up.

pg. 22


At the nightclub, backstage. Oruha has Kazuhiko's glasses in her hands.

Oruha: You're sure it's all right not to go with him?

She is sitting in his lap. He gazes up at her with perfect contentment.

Kazuhiko: Yeah. He's promised me.

Oruha: Promised you what?

Kazuhiko: Not to die before I do.

He speaks the words against Oruha's neck. She stills.

Kazuhiko: Oruha?

Oruha: Not to die before someone you care about is the best present that can be given, isn't it?

pg. 23

His hand slides up her thigh.

Kazuhiko: I won't die before you do, either.

He smiles at her.

Kazuhiko: 'Cuz I'm stubborn.

She is startled for a moment, then her eyes soften.

Oruha: ...I believe it.

pg. 24


In the research lab, the remaining boy touches his finger to the blood droplets on the floor. He lifts it to
his mouth and licks the blood off, sensually.

A: I'll see you again, C.

He sits alone in the dark.

A: There's no such thing as a Four-Leaf Clover, and we are the only two Three-Leafs.

pg. 25


Suu: There is one. I am here.

She stands in the cage with her mechanical wings unfurled. Birds fly past her.

Suu: Even though I've always been alone, even though I'll always be alone, I'm here.

Song: To be born again in your arms.

pg. 26

"The Hunted"

Outside it is raining. A dark-haired boy walks barefoot down a city street, soaked and dripping.
People pass him, taking little notice.

pg. 27

"The Hunter"

Gingetsu's computerized visor beeps as it tracks the location of his prey. He, too, is unshielded
from the rain.

pg. 28

"A Line"

On a deserted street.

Man: You're C, aren't you?

The boy stops and turns to face a group of tall men wearing dark coats. Above them, electrical wires
stretch through the air.

Man: You're coming with us.

C: I won't go back there anymore.

pg. 29

Man: We're not taking you to the research institute.

The eight men surround the boy. An expression of annoyance crosses his face as he looks at them.

pg. 30


Gingetsu's visor beeps violently. The image on the screen dissolves into static. He stops,
clutching at the visor.

The picture begins to resolve again, focusing on one small point of the map it displays.

Gingetsu: Close by.

pg. 31


Eight dark-coated men are strung from the hanging electrical wires, dead. Gingetsu lifts his head and
looks up at them.

pg. 32

Ahead of him, the dark-haired boy is standing. He looks at Gingetsu. Gingetsu looks at him. The rain
continues to fall.

The boy begins to collapse. His bangs plaster his forehead, covering his eyes.

C: ...I won't go back.

He falls to the pavement and lies silent.

pg. 33

Approaching, Gingetsu gazes down on him. His expression is impossible to read.

Song: Fearlessly, unceasingly, patiently

"Song to Watch Over Bird"
["Song of the Little Bird Watching Over"]

pg. 34

Song: To be born again in your arms

Suu reaches up toward one of the mechanical birds fluttering above her. Sadness dims her eyes.

Suu: The Three-Leaf Clover has been found.

Elsewhere, inside a large, brick-walled house somewhere in the city.

"A Place to Return To"

Gingetsu: I have him under my protection. Shall I return him to the research institute?

The dark-haired boy lies sprawled on a couch, still soaked from the rain.

pg. 35

He opens his eyes to see Gingetsu standing a short distance away, speaking into his headset.
He gets up.

C: ...I won't go back.

Gingetsu turns to him.

Gingetsu: If you won't go back, where will you go?

The boy looks down; his bangs hide his eyes from view, but his lip quivers.

Gingetsu seizes him by the arm.

pg. 36

He drags C to a black-and-white tiled bathroom. Inside is a Western-style bathtub and a shower.

Gingetsu: You want to catch a cold?

The boy looks up at him with wide dark eyes.

C: No.

The door shuts, leaving C in the bathroom, alone.

pg. 37


Suu stands at the window of her cage, watching droplets run down the glass.

Suu: Thank goodness. The rain was cold.

pg. 38


Wizard 1: The Three-Leaf Clover is still missing.

Wizard 2: Beyond that, is there any new information?

Wizard 1: No.

Wizard 2: What about the other Three-Leaf?

Wizard 1: There's no apparent change.

Wizard: The Four-Leaf knows of all this?

Wizard: Of course. The Two-Leaf is greater than the One-Leaf. The Three-Leaf greater than the
Two-Leaf. And greater than the Three-Leaf, the Four-Leaf.

pg. 39

Wizard: Their power increases according to the number of leaves. Those with fewer leaves are
unable to detect the existence or powers of those with more leaves. However, those with more
leaves can detect the abilities and locations of those with fewer.

pg. 40

Wizard: Isn't it dangerous for her to know? If the escaped Three-Leaf should come into
contact with the Four-Leaf--

Kou: He won't. She lives entirely alone, without seeing anyone. She will continue to keep
her promise to us. If it's just a single Three-Leaf, we five wizards can still control him.

pg. 41

Wizard: And a Three-Leaf outside the research institute cannot live for long.

pg. 42


In Suu's cage.

Song: To be born again for your sake
To turn the bliss of our meeting into a gentle light
And the parting that's sure to come into smothering rain;
Like the little, indigo flower that blooms in delicate shade
To be born again in your arms

pg. 43

Suu: Maybe you will be able to be reborn.


At Gingetsu's house.

C holds up one arm, gazing down at the long, baggy sleeve of a white shirt that is much too big
for him.

C: This...

pg. 44

Gingetsu: Would you rather wear your wet clothes?

C: No.

He clutches the fabric of the shirt at his chest and turns to Gingetsu, who is sitting on the couch.

C: Is this yours?

Gingetsu: No.

He looks at the boy.

Gingetsu: You want to stand?

C: Is it okay if I sit?

Gingetsu: Do as you like.

C takes a seat on the opposite couch and faces him.

C: You're in the army, aren't you?

Gingetsu: Yes.

pg. 45

C: What are you going to do with me?

Gingetsu: What do you want to do?

For a moment the boy's dark eyes search his face. Then he lowers his gaze, head bowing.

C: I don't want to go back to that place.

Gingetsu: Why?

pg. 46

C: Because that's where A is.

pg. 47

Rain continues to trickle down the windowpanes.

C: I want to talk to the wizards.

pg. 48


Oruha is on stage, wearing one of her trademark sexy dresses, filling the nightclub with her voice.

Song: To be born again for your sake
To turn the bliss of our meeting into a gentle light
And the parting that's sure to come into smothering rain;
Like the little, indigo flower that blooms in delicate shade
To be born again in your arms

pg. 49

Backstage, Kazuhiko listens and watches her with soft eyes.

Song: Your taking my hand and my not shaking it off;
Our two paths merging to become one as blending minds;
Deeply, strongly, if we mingle with one another
To be born again for my sake
To be born again in your arms.

pg. 5

Kazuhiko fingers the dial on the edge of his glasses.

Kazuhiko: No response. So, you're telling me you'd rather not get into complicated explanations,
huh, Gingetsu?

pg. 51

Back at the house, Gingetsu holds up one of his tiny earphones.

Gingetsu: The Chairman of the High Council, Sage Shuu.


He is about to give the earphone to C when the boy lifts one hand and holds it open, palm up.
In seconds, a headset appears there. C puts it on as Gingetsu stares.

The elderly man visible in Gingetsu's visor is one of the five wizards.

Shuu: Lieutenant Colonel, I'd like you to sit in on this as well.

pg. 52

Shuu: [to C] How many years has it been, I wonder?

C: Dunno. It's like time doesn't move in that place.

Shuu: And you don't mind talking to me?

C: No. You know that B is dead, don't you?

Shuu: Yes. I know why, as well.

C: If I'm with him, A will kill others. Including you and your people.

Shuu: Did A tell you that?

pg. 53

C: He didn't say it, but I know. Because now the two of us are the only two Three-Leafs in the
world. A said that if the two of us were together, we could escape from that place.

Shuu: Certainly, if the two of you were to use your magic together, it's doubtful that even we
five Wizards would be able to stop you.

C: I don't want to do that.

pg. 54

C: But I can't change A.

Shuu: And that's why you left?

C bows his head.

Shuu: A is your younger twin brother, isn't he? Both your power and your appearance are virtually
the same. Are you sure you want to be separated from your brother? Not only that, outside the
research institute you don't have long to...

C: I know.

pg. 55

C: But the only thing I can do is be apart from A.

Shuu: It's true that A's emotional state is unstable. I suppose it would be dangerous to allow
the two of you to be in the same place now.

pg. 56

Shuu: C, where do you want to go?

C: It doesn't matter. ...I don't have any place to go home to.

pg. 57

Shuu: ...I understand. There's something else I'm concerned about. I'll check the other
Three-Leaf Clover. Lieutenant Colonel Gingetsu. I'd like to place this boy in your keeping
for a while.

C turns and looks up at Gingetsu.

Shuu: Will that be troublesome for you?

Gingetsu: Yes.

C looks down.

pg. 58

Shuu: Well, then, consider it a mission. Commander of the Secret Colors Battalion. You are
ordered to maintain the safety of the Three-Leaf Clover.

Gingetsu: ...Understood.

pg. 59

C's eyes widen slightly.

"A Seal"

Elsewhere, A is smiling.

A: What's the matter, C? Something startle you?

He lifts his finger and gazes at it thoughtfully.

A: I can feel what you're feeling now, C. The two of us were born together.

pg. 60

He tilts his head back and gazes upward toward the skylights.

A: From now on, for always.

pg. 61

He reaches to touch the back of his right shoulder, just as C reaches to touch his left.

A: We'll live on together.

pg. 62

"A Wish"

Oruha, singing.

Song: To be born again for your sake
Not averting your eyes, not letting go
Embracing all the fortitude of will and the frailty of prayers

pg. 63

Suu, singing.

Song: To be born again in your arms
To be born again for my sake
In your arms

pg. 64

Suu lifts the light fabric of her dress to reveal the four-leaf clover tattoo on her thigh.

Suu: Maybe you will be able to become something other than a Three-Leaf Clover.

She lays her head on her knees and closes her eyes.

Suu: Since you're the one who flew from the cage by yourself.

pg. 65

Mechanical birds and their shadows wing past the enclosure's walls.

pg. 66

"Bliss of Clover"
["The Clover's Happiness"]

Shuu is gazing at a circular screen which displays the clover tattoos of the Two-Leaf, Three-Leaf, and
Four-Leaf. Kou approaches him.

Kou: The seals of the Clover Leaf Project?

pg. 67

Kou: They say that the person who finds a clover will find happiness, but...
I wonder what the clover itself has to do to find happiness.

Shuu: Only the clover knows that.

pg. 68

"Hair and Caresses"

Oruha is showering.

Song: To be born again for your sake
When my not minding the loneliness
Was only the ignorance of my bliss with you
When my pain of loneliness
Was but my learning to fear of losing you.

pg. 69

Song: So then, I will be born again in your arms.

Kazuhiko lounges nearby in a bathtub overflowing with bubbles. He has put on his glasses and is
tapping on their rim.

Song: To be born again for my sake

Oruha leans over him, a towel wrapped around her body.

Oruha: You seem a little grumpy. Do you have to go to work?

He smiles quickly.

Kazuhiko: No, it's nothing.

pg. 70

Oruha: But you're sulking.

She touches the bridge of his glasses as his eyes widen.

Oruha: Is it because that commanding officer of yours hasn't called?

She removes the glasses and sets them aside.

Oruha: Ah, it must be.

She squeezes some shampoo into the palm of her hand.

pg. 71

Kazuhiko: Why is it that you want to wash my hair?

Oruha: Well, you know, animals won't let themselves appear defenseless in front of people
they don't like. When you let me wash your hair like this, it's like saying you love me.

He blinks as she works the suds into his short, dark hair.

Kazuhiko: So you count me as an animal?

Her lips draw close to his.

Oruha: I love you, Kazuhiko.

pg. 72

She holds his face in soapy hands.

Oruha: I want us to be together always.

His arms wind around her.

Kazuhiko: We will be. Always.

A teardrop splashes in the bathwater.

Oruha: ...If only we could be.

pg. 73

"Mirrors and Touch"

In a darkened bedroom, C sits alone, gazing at his reflection in a free-standing, full-length mirror.

C: I know what A is thinking now. He thinks I'll be coming back soon, because I'll be too lonely
by myself.

As he lifts his hand and presses it against the mirror, his reflection follows suit.

C: I won't go back.

pg. 74

He stares at his reflection, his face full of pain.

C: Even if we're together, it's the same as being alone, A.

The mirror shatters.

pg. 75

The door opens, casting light into the room. Gingetsu stands in the doorway. C kneels on the floor,
gazing up at him with vulnerable eyes. His hands are cut and bleeding as he picks up the shards of
broken glass.

C: I'm sorry, I knocked the mirror over...

The floor is spotted with blood. Gingetsu vanishes momentarily and returns with a first-aid kit.

Gingetsu: Give me your right hand.

pg. 76

He carefully bandages the boy's fingers and arm.

C: Thank you. You're good at this, aren't you? Is it because of your work?

There is no reply. The boy lowers his eyes again.

C: I'm sorry to keep bothering you. It's been a long time since I talked with anyone other
than A and B.

Gingetsu: You're not.

pg. 77

C looks upward quickly.

C: Huh?

Gingetsu: You're not bothering me.

His hands continue their gentle work.

Gingetsu: Can you only talk if there's an answer?

C: No, it's not that, but--

Gingetsu: Then do as you like.

The boy's face softens into a very small smile.

C: ...Okay.

Elsewhere, A is frowning.


pg. 78

A: What are you so pleased about, C? How can you be happy when I'm not there?

He closes his eyes.

A: The only person who understands everything about you is me.

"Want to See Because"

pg. 79

"I See Not"

In her cage, Suu sits with her eyes shut.

Suu: No one can understand everything about another person.

Her eyes open.

Suu: Not even me.

pg. 80

"A Song Sung For Everyone"

Oruha is singing. Kazuhiko stands near the back of the club, glasses on, listening to his earphones.

Song: As old shells crumble off and newborn tears fall on a cheek

Kazuhiko: So anyway, you're telling me that you're at home, but you're still working?

pg. 81

Kazuhiko: On Grandpa Shuu's orders?

Gingetsu: Yes.

Song: With your embrace open my ethereal wings

pg. 82

Kazuhiko folds his arms.

Kazuhiko: Well, I'm spending my hard-earned vacation taking it easy with Oruha. If your
assignment's no big deal, come and have some fun. If it is a big deal, then say so, will you?

Gingetsu: ...All right.

Song: To be born again
For you alone.

Kazuhiko: Later, then.

pg. 83

"A Song for Couple's Ears"

Gingetsu's headset displays Oruha on stage.

C: It's a pretty song.

Gingetsu looks at him.

C: I'm sorry. Even without speakers, I can hear it when you're close...

Frowning, Gingetsu peers at one of his earphones.

C: Is she a popular singer?

Gingetsu: She hasn't made her debut yet.

C: Really?

pg. 84

Curling his arms about himself, C smiles.

C: But it really is a beautiful song.

Song: To be born again

Without a word, Gingetsu goes over to the stereo and plugs into it a line from his headset.
Oruha's figure appears on the video display, and the song begins to play aloud.

Song: In your arms.

C's eyes widen.

pg. 85

He gets up from the couch and walks over to Gingetsu, smiling.

C: ...Thank you.

Song: To be born again

pg. 86

Song: In your arms.

"Song Sung Alone"

In her prison, Suu is flying.

Song: As old shells crumble off and newborn tears fall on a cheek;
With your embrace open my ethereal wings

Suu: The boy who left the cage seems to be enjoying himself.

She smiles slightly.

pg. 87

Suu: But the other is furious.


Back at the institute, A is standing alone.

A: Why are you so happy when I'm not there?

He looks down at his upheld hand.

A: Why?

pg. 88

"Outside the Window"

Night has fallen. Rain continues to slick the windows of Gingetsu's house, and Oruha's song continues
to play.

Song: To be born again in your arms
To be born again for my sake

pg. 89

His chin resting on his folded arms, C is gazing out at the city.

Song: Letting me forget with your voice and your touch;
Breaking off the chains that bind my heart and feet

pg. 90

Gingetsu is talking with Shuu on his headset.

Shuu: How is C doing?

Gingetsu: He seems fine.

Shuu: Ever since he was very small, C has always been gentle and docile, never aggressive
in the least. A is the opposite. His emotional state has disintegrated rapidly. To A, who
does not believe in the existence of a Four-Leaf Clover, C is the one and only person in the
world with power equivalent to his own.

The old wizard's face is grave.

Shuu: I don't think he's going to continue to remain so quiet.

pg. 91

Shuu: And besides that, a Three-Leaf away from the research institute cannot live for long.

Gingetu gazes through the doorway at C.

Song: To be born again in your arms
To be born again for your sake

pg. 92

C is still kneeling at the window when Gingetsu comes up behind him.

Song: To be born again in your arms

Gingetsu: Do you want to go outside?

C: No.

The city lights blur through the rain-slicked glass.

Song: To be born again for my sake

pg. 93

The two of them stand silhouetted against the window, looking outward.

C: I was just thinking, even though there are so many lights out there, none of them are shining
for my sake.

pg. 94

C: None of them ever will.

pg. 95

Gingetsu gazes down at him, silent.

pg. 96

"Be Careful"

In Suu's cage, the mechanical birds scatter.

Suu: Look out!

In Gingetsu's house, C suddenly clutches at his shoulder.

Suu: The other Three-Leaf is...

pg. 97


C's eyes narrow; he leans forward.

C: A is coming.

On the stereo's video display, Oruha's figure dissolves and another materializes: A. Gingetsu tenses.

Gingetsu: Is it a projection?

pg. 98

A: I'm the real thing.

pg. 99

Stepping in front of C, Gingetsu lifts his left hand and begins to summon his sword. C stops him, his
eyes wide with alarm.

C: Wait!

Gingetsu pauses.

A: [to C] Why aren't you sad about being apart from me?

C: I am!

pg. 100

A's eyes are dark with anger.

A: Then why?

The twins face each other for a moment, then A turns toward Gingetsu, his eyes gone wild.

A: Is it because of him?

pg. 101

A: Because of him, you don't need me anymore!?

Frantically C reaches for his brother.

C: No!

With a vicious glare, A turns Gingetsu's own weapon against him. Gingetsu shields his face, but the
whirling blade slices his hand. Blood spatters; chips of broken plaster fall from the wall behind him.

C: A-!

pg. 102

He flings himself between A and Gingetsu, arms protectively outstretched. A's eyes fill with sheer

A: Move, C. I'm going to kill him, just like I did B. It's your own fault, you know.
Because you were supposed to pay attention only to me. Because you were kind to him, too.

pg. 103

The other boy's eyes flare.

C: ...If you kill anyone else, A, I will kill myself.

A: NO!

He lurches forward to throw his arms around C.

pg. 104

Slowly C's arms wrap around him.

C: Listen to me, A... the reason we were being locked up is that we were together. If we live
apart from each other, we won't have to go back there ever again.

Tears spill from A's eyes.

A: ...I know what you're thinking.

pg. 105

A: ...If I make you go back, you'll die, won't you?

Gingetsu stands watching, motionless.

C: Leave me here.

A: Do you love me?

C: Yes.

A: Best of all?

C: Yes.

A: For always?

C: ...Yes.

A: If you ever love anyone more than me, I'll kill that person.
Even if it meant you'd die, I'd still do it.

pg. 106

He clings to his brother, tears glimmering. C's eyes are still dry.

A: Even if we're separated, I can tell what you're feeling. Because we're the only two
Three-Leaf Clovers in the world. We'll live on together, for always.

C kisses his cheek.

A: ...See you later... Nii-san.

His form begins to unravel, and soon he disappears altogether.

pg. 107

When he has vanished, C bows his head.

C: ...It's "goodbye."

pg. 108

"A Tear"

His tears at last unleashed, C sobs.

C: ...I'm sorry. I cry so easily...

He crumples against Gingetsu, clinging to his uniform.

Gingetsu: Can you only cry if there's an answer?

C: ...No.

pg. 109

Gingetsu's arm folds gently around him.

Gingetsu: Then do as you like.

C: ...Thank you.

pg. 110

Later, C lies in bed, asleep from exhaustion. Gingetsu stands over him, speaking into his headset.


Shuu: So A paid you a visit?

Gingetsu: Yes.

Shuu: What about C?

Gingetsu: He says that he'll live apart from A.

Shuu: A came and told me the same thing. If we're dealing with them singly, we wizards can stop a
Three-Leaf. But for that reason, we must keep track of their whereabouts and movements.

C's face is taut in sleep.

Shuu: With the breakdown of his emotional state, A's violent behavior has been difficult to
predict. I suppose it was C who reined him in.

Gingetsu: Where will C be put next?

Shuu: Some sort of institution where he'll have no contact with the outside world, most likely.

pg. 111

Shuu: Like the one the Four-Leaf Clover is in.

Gingetsu lifts up his hand and gazes at it. Outside, day has dawned. The rain has stopped.

Gingetsu: He musn't have contact with the outside world, correct? I use this house privately,
but the security is faultless.

The damage to his uniform cuff reveals a Clover Project tattoo on his left wrist.

Shuu: You're a Two-Leaf. We can't let you live with a Three-Leaf.

pg. 112

Shuu: Two plus three is five. Your power would exceed that of the High Council.

Gingetsu: I'll implant an explosive in my body.

pg. 113

Gingetsu: The detonator switch will be placed under the control of the High Council. Then, if a
problem arises either with me or the Three-Leaf, you'll be able to deal with it immediately,

Shuu: We'd have to bury it within your head.
There's no military medical institution that can repair a man who's been decapitated.

Gingetsu: True.

Shuu: Why do you want to do this? Is it because you're a fellow Clover born of the Clover Leaf

pg. 114

Gingetsu: No. I just thought that this might be a way to settle the situation.

Shuu: ...There was a time when you would never have thought of such a thing. I believe you've
changed. Ever since that aide of yours joined the Secret Colors Batallion.

Gingetsu's face reveals nothing.

Shuu: A Three-Leaf can't live for long away from the research institute, you know. His aging
process will advance rapidly. At the longest, he has five years to live.

pg. 115

Gingetsu looks again at the mark on his wrist, then down at the sleeping boy.

Gingetsu: I know.

pg. 116

"Being Reborn"

Later, C stands facing Gingetsu.

C: Thank you for everything.

His head is bowed, his hands are folded.

C: I have to contact Sage Shuu and consult with him about what I should do next.

Gingetsu: Stay here.

pg. 117

The boy's eyes fly open wide.

C: ...Eh?

Gingetsu: If you don't leave this place, the High Council can't object to it.

C: But-- you're the Two-Leaf, aren't you!?

He reaches for Gingetu's arm, pulling the uniform cuff back to reveal his tattoo.

C: If we stay together, it'll cause trouble for you!

Gingetsu: Do you intend to cause it?

C: No! But--

Gingetsu: Is there somewhere else you'd rather be?

pg. 118


He clutches at Gingetsu's hand.

Gingetsu: Then do as you like.

pg. 119

The boy's expression softens into a heart-rending smile as he gazes upward.

C: ...Okay.

pg. 120

"C --> R"

Some time later, at Gingetsu's house.

Kazuhiko: Took you long enough to get around to calling me! While you've been gone, all the
work's been coming down on my head! If you have any sense of guilt, then you'd better try my new

He is carring a large sack of groceries.

Kazuhiko: I promised Oruha I'd treat her if it goes well, but since I don't have the
guts to do it yet, I'm gonna experiment on you again.

He leans over to peer at C and points.

Kazuhiko: [to Gingetsu] What's this? Have you developed a thing for kids or something?
[to C] I'm Ryuu F. Kazuhiko. Just call me Kazuhiko. And you are?

Gingetsu: Ran.

C looks up at him, startled.

pg. 121

The other officer smiles knowingly.

Kazuhiko: ...The color of the Secret Colors, huh?

He turns and walks off with the grocery bags.

Kazuhiko: Nice to meet you, Ran. Anyway, I'm gonna go cook.

Ran and Gingetsu watch him go. Then Gingetsu holds out a small, old-fashioned oil lamp.

Gingetsu: ...If you don't have a light of your own, light one for yourself.

The boy takes the lamp and blinks at him, wonderingly.

Song: To be born again in your arms.

Gingetsu turns and follows after Kazuhiko.

pg. 122

Ran strikes a match and lights the wick.

Song: As ember that just caught should not be put out or misplaced
My thoughts just born should not be dissipated or broken apart

Eyelids half-lowered, he smiles.

Song: In this cradle you guard over
To start again from scratch.

Holding the lamp in his lap, he closes his eyes.

pg. 123

"Me Too"

Suu: You've been reborn, haven't you? From C to Ran.

She sits, cradling a lone mechanical bird in her hands.

Song: To be born again
In your arms.

Suu: I wish I could change into something else, too. Something other than a Four-Leaf Clover.

pg. 124


If you find a four-leaf clover,
you'll find happiness.

But surely
it can't be found.

Because happiness is locked away

in the secret birdcage.
The four-leaf clover
belongs to no one.

If that's so,
then what of the three-leaf clover?